Introducing a new concept for health

Manifesto Health

It’s in our power to care for our health today, for our health tomorrow.
We believe in a brighter future and together with our partners we bring the future closer to today, by offering Romanian patients medical care and lifestyle solutions that answer to their health needs.

Professionalism, excellence and trust are the core of our business activity. Innovation, accessibility and high standards, confirmed by scientific data, are the essence of the products and medical devices endorsed and promoted by ND Medhealth. Through a vast list of partners – pharmacies, distributors of pharmaceutical products and a strong medical community, we are closer to each Romanian, supporting his efforts to stay healthy.

Manufacturers, medical experts, distributors, healthcare professionals, together we bring Romanian patients a reachable, better, healthier future.

Our story

We are a pharmaceutical company with a complete range of services meant to facilitate the access on the Romanian pharmaceutical market of health and beauty brands. We are differentiated by the careful selection of partners that have portfolios of innovative products, supported by international studies and certifications, aimed to support health, beauty and a balanced lifestyle.

Our activity is certified at national level, receiving a vote of confidence from accredited authorities, agencies and institutes, a vote that accompanies products of confirmed quality.

Our Mission

The ND Medhealth team aims to help people find effective and accessible solutions to their and their loved ones’ problems and needs, for better health, energy, care and beauty.

In our mission, we team up with trusted brands, with portfolios that include a variety of products, from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, medical devices, to dermato-cosmetics and food supplements.

Motivated by excellence in health care, we aim to develop sustainable partnerships with our suppliers and customers, offering them a continuum of solutions and services.

Vision and values

Our business philosophy is based on


We pursue excellence in all levels of our business, investing in team growth and consolidation, developing sustainable and successful partnerships, achieving outstanding results.


Our team of specialists continuously selects and promotes products with unique benefits, dedicated to improving health.


We invest in sustainable partnerships, which become part of a community based on respect, support, transparency, winning solutions and the success of all.


We see healthcare as our daily mission, which we follow with perseverance, conscientiousness, courage, and a lot of dedication. Passion gives us the strength to see opportunities, beyond obstacles.

Our team

We build and strengthen local and national teams with expertise in the sale and promotion of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, medical devices, food supplements, dermato-cosmetic products. Beyond the experts who provide our partners with the knowledge and access to a strong medical community, the members of our team are people for whom health care is the most important choice, day by day.

We collaborate in a joint effort to discover products, innovations in health and new techniques that support us in the process of fulfilling the vision of a better future for health. We are responsible for identifying winning solutions for our partners and show honest concern for the needs and success of all those with whom we interact in our business.

The key attributes of our team



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