Partners in

Closer to every Romanian, through our partners

Over 4,500 partners, pharmacies, and distributors of pharmaceutical products in Romania, are part of our mission to provide Romanians with an efficient answer to their health and care needs. With passion, devotion and professionalism, we bring to our vast distribution network solutions for health, vitality and beauty, for a strong body and a better quality of life.

National pharmacy chains

We have built strong partnerships with national pharmacy chains, which have been open to giving their loyal customers permanent access to innovative, carefully studied pharmaceutical and beauty solutions, internationally certified, multi-award-winning, with proven efficiency through studies. Partner pharmacies are present in cities with over 50,000 inhabitants in Romania.


Chains of local pharmacies

Through the reliable partnerships developed with the local pharmacy chains, we ensure that the products distributed by ND Medhealth have the best possible degree of accessibility, becoming part of the daily routine of care and health of Romanians throughout the country. We admire the strength of the community, the implication and the emphasis on the personalized care solutions that we have identified in the local pharmacies. We want to be part of the story of a better future for the health of every Romanian, and for this, the collaboration with the local pharmacy chains is vital.

The latest solutions for healthcare and beauty can also reach your pharmacies, closer to Romanian consumers.